BAW Podcast #19: John Ross of Wild Pink

  Photo by Mitchell Wojcik Words by Daniel Rourke Hello and welcome to episode 19 of the Burn After Writing podcast, on this weeks episode we have John Ross of Wild Pink . We first came across Wild Pink following the release of their 2018 album Yolk in the Fur, and upon listening to their upcoming release 'A Billion Little Lights' we knew we had to sit down and have a chat. Throughout the conversation we touch on the pandemic, the recording and release of 'A Billion Little Lights', the landscape of releasing music in 2021, John's side project Eerie Gaits , and much more.  Songs used:  The Shining But Tropical - Wild Pink Jewels Drossed In The Runoff - Wild Pink  You can pre-order A Billion Little Lights here . Burn After Writing · BAW Podcast #19: John Ross of Wild Pink

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