Album of the Month: Adult Mom - Soft Spots

Written by Maddy Howell

Whether it's new or old, there are countless gems hiding within the unexplored depths of music's many forms. With each week bringing forth a new set of albums, all of which demand your undivided attention, it can become difficult to separate the records of true importance from the vast sea of mediocrity.  Our album of the month feature aims to shine a spotlight on those albums that may have slipped under the radar, whilst giving a respectful nod to those forgotten classics that have been unfairly buried beneath the surface.

First up is the second full-length from queer-pop trio Adult Mom, a 2017 release that proves to be an endearingly reassuring act of love in a world quickly succumbing to hate...

As the working project of Steph Knipe, Adult Mom have consistently perfected the art of giving their own quirky and relatable take on the world. Following up from their debut 2015 full-length, 'Momentary Lapse of Happily', 'Soft Spots' is the overdue coffee date with a dear friend, with its lyrical content proving just as comforting as it is intriguing.

Even with the expansion of Adult Mom from Knipe’s bedroom project, each track remains just as personal and affecting, enabling the autobiographical themes of the band’s incarnation to continue flowing. 'Soft Spots' is a stretch to new heights for the trio, taking all their talents and endearing flaws and displaying them proudly for the world to see.

Though the release leans more heavily on the softer side of Adult Mom’s sound, Full Screen acts as a small but powerful pocket of bubbly energy, opening on the somewhat jarring line, “Do you full screen your porn // do you think of me as you watch her crawl across the floor?”. It’s this incredible balance of crude imagery and fragile honesty that contribute heavily to the intense likeability of Knipe and their counterparts, with nothing ever seeming too out of the question.

On their second full-length, Adult Mom manage to express the topics of anxieties and mental health in a manner that seems comforting, without for a second seeming overwhelming or dishonest. It’s this idea that makes Knipe’s concept so unique and so continually intriguing, with their ability to offer messages of encouragement and support throughout their music proving them as so much more than just a band.

'Soft Spots' is as flamboyant as it is delicate, as dainty as it is abrupt - all adding to the wholesomely honest diary-like feel from start to end. It’s a record of self-acceptance and recovery, acting as the quintessential soundtrack for those struggling to find their feet.

Highlights: Fullscreen, J Station, Steal the Lake from the Water 

For fans of: Cyberbully Mom Club, Fog Lake, (Sandy) Alex G