News: Women Facing Defamation Charges Over Allegations Made About The King Blues Frontman Jonny "Itch" Fox

The Solidarity Not Silence campaign was made public in 2017, as a group of women aimed to raise funds to combat a defamation suit against themselves from - an as then - unnamed musician, who they had allegedly previously accused of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Over the past several days it has come to light that the singer alleging the five women of defamation of character is Jonny "Itch" Fox, frontman of political punk outfit The King Blues.

The identity of Fox was revealed in a piece published on The Guardian last Friday, that also named Nadia Javed, front-woman of three-tone indie-punk band The Tuts, and Ren Aldridge front-woman of punk band Petrol Girls as two of the five women Fox is pursuing legal action against. 

Earlier today Javed and Aldridge released a statement via the Solidarity Not Silence Facebook page revealing their identities and providing more information on their case: "Our crowdfunding target is currently set at £32,000 but the reality is that this is a fraction of what it will cost to get this to court. To take our case to trial could cost us up to £500,000 for all of us, even though our lawyers are being incredibly understanding of our financial situation and acting on a no win low fee basis."

During the lifespan of Solidarity Not Silence there have been various fundraising attempts, from benefit shows featuring a range of upcoming alternative bands, to a range of t-shirts and tote bags. At the time of writing the campaign has raised a total of £29,023.

Despite previously addressing the allegations in a previous Facebook post, Fox has since taken to social media again to address the story published last Friday. 

You can donate to Solidarity Not Silence here.