BAW Podcast #20: Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw

  Photo by Rebecca Lader  Words by Daniel Rourke  Hello and welcome to episode 20 of the Burn After Writing podcast, yes, episode 20. We genuinely didn't think we'd make more than one podcast when we started this little project, following the ridiculous Prince Daddy & the Hyena interview back in 2019. So, while it may not be the biggest milestone, thank you for listening. On this episode of the podcast we're talking to Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw ahead of the release of the band's new album ' I Won't Care How You Remember Me ', and we couldn't be happier to bring you this conversation.  Throughout the chat we touch on how the album took shape, leaning into creativity during the pandemic, working with Hopeless Records, being a band for sixteen years, and how Ben was briefly a member of Captain We're Sinking . As well as the interview there's also a brief review of Citizen 's excellent upcoming album ' Life In Your Glass World ' at the

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