EP Review: Stray Weather - Ever Endeavour

Written by Daniel Rourke

Stray Weather are a difficult band to comprehend, following the release of their 'Tragedy' EP earlier this year, the band have been placed on line-ups with the likes of MC Devvo, Crazy Town, and a plethora of hardcore, punk, metalcore, and indie bands.

Despite no one really knowing where to put Stray Weather, the band have been hard at work on their second EP as a band, 'Ever Endeavour.' Given the band's difficulty in finding an audience - and even defining themselves - they have decided to throw everything into this new release, and it shows.

Opening with Oh Reflection, it's immediately noticeable that this release has been methodically created as a full-band project, rather than another attempt to shoehorn vocalist Mikey Brown's spoken word pieces into a musical format.

While the opener may not be the best track the band have released, it's an indication that gears are being put into motion, that what's to come is going to be bigger and bolder than ever before, and that's exactly what happens in What Would Your Mother Say? 

Lyrically What Would Your Mother Say? is exactly what it says on the tin. Brown can be heard constantly asking the question found in the title, as it comes the closest to replicating the tongue and cheek nature found in the band's previous outing.

'Ever Endeavour' is a product of experience, both lyrically and musically, as Fairytale sees Brown discussing love, and how not everything is going to happen just as your favourite Disney film portrays it, and that's okay. It's in Fairytale where the strength of Stray Weather is seen, as the thoughtful lyrical content is backed by a beat akin to 'Soundtrack to a Death' era Mura Masa.

The EP is short and sweet, ending abruptly on You're Not Alone, a track that shows Brown tackling mental health and clambering for understanding and trust. It's on this track where the emotional weight of the EP hits, Brown and his loved ones have had a difficult year, and it's encapsulated right here.

Despite it not starting so strong, 'Ever Endeavour' is without a doubt Stray Weather's best piece of work to date. Constructing the songs around the band has proved to be a wise decision, it makes the tracks feel more complete, which in turn allows Brown to shine both through his lyrics and his delivery. Stray Weather may have had a start made up of stutters and confusion, but following the release of 'Ever Endeavour,' it'll be shocking if they didn't finally find their audience.