Feature: The Ones Not To Miss At Common People Southampton

Words by Maddy Howell

This Saturday marks the beginning of Southampton's Common People Festival, an annual celebration of music, food, drink, and culture. Now in its fourth year, the festival has been quintessential in providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents to a wide audience, balanced perfectly with some big name acts to send off the night with a bang. 

With this year promising an array of singalongs, disco dancing, and upcoming musical talent to uncover, the weekend is unlikely to present festival-goers with a single dull moment. However, if you've somehow found your schedule has a few gaps left to fill, here are Burn After Writing's top picks for the weekend.

The Collision 

Hailing from Portsmouth, The Collision's positively captivating brand of indie-pop has prompted a series of sold-out shows across the South Coast, following on from the release of their 2017 debut EP.  Having enthralled audiences around their hometown, the band are set to take it to the next level on the Uncommon Stage this weekend.

With their eccentric, upbeat sound, the quintet makes for a perfect accompaniment to the weekend's sunny skies, with a promise of summer anthems to kick off the weekend in a perfect fashion.

Uncommon Stage - Saturday

Check out: Savannah Marie 

Milk Teeth 

With over half a decade having passed since their formation, Stroud quartet Milk Teeth have spent the last five years growing in the face of adversity. Having signed to Roadrunner Records in the early months of 2017,  a turning point seemed to be in place for the four-piece, with two EP releases showcasing a more polished and refined take on their previous sound.

Having lived up to their potential in such impressive fashion in recent months, Milk Teeth's evening performance on the Uncommon Stage is set to be one to remember.

Uncommon Stage - Saturday

Check out: Owning Your Okayness


Blistering through the 90s with their iconic club anthems, German euro-dance legends, SNAP!, are set to offer a much-needed dose of intoxicating nostalgia to this weekend's events. As a rare live performance for the pair, they will be taking to the Common Stage to play some of their biggest hits, including the unforgettable The Power and Rhythm is a Dancer.

With their work having soundtracked the weekends of a generation of clubbers and ravers, this is sure to be one of the highlights of the weekend.

Common Stage - Sunday

Check out: The Power

Demob Happy 

With a perfectly balanced blend of gritty grunge-influenced riffs and tight harmonies, this Brighton-based trio have been making steady progress within their scene for the last few years. Having gained a scattered following with their debut full-length in 2015, their follow-up effort, 'Holy Doom', proved to be a vast expansion upon an already original established sound.

Having followed a slow but stable path to where they currently sit, the band are undoubtedly pushing towards their peak, with eclectic tracks such as Fake Satan and Loosen It sure to elicit singalongs over the weekend.

Uncommon Stage - Saturday

Check out: Be Your Man


With student anthem, Sit Down, pushing them to the forefront of the music world in the early 90s, James stand as some of the most well-practiced musicians gracing the Common Stage this Saturday.  Having defined an era with their distinct brand of accessible and ambition-fueled rock, the septet returned from a six-year hiatus in 2008 with a refreshed outlook and a newly polished live performance.

With the release of their fifteenth full-length album, 'Living in Extraordinary Times', expected in August, the Manchester outfit are set to play an unforgettable co-headline set at this year's festival, sure to be packed with hits both old and new.

Common Stage - Saturday

Check out: Sometimes

Lauran Hibberd 

Having graced the stages of Bestival two years in a row and now set to showcase her talent across various other UK festivals this summer, Isle of Wight-based singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd has spent the last few years crafting pop-infused tracks with something to say.

With a flair for the unconventional, Lauran's sound is etched somewhere perfectly between indie pop and fuzzy 90s grunge, with her honest songwriting projecting her everlasting potential in an often synthetic industry.

Uncommon Stage - Sunday

Check out: Fun Like This

Miss Vincent 

With their 2017 EP, 'Somewhere Else', establishing them as a household name within the punk scene, the Alkaline Trio-influenced sounds of Miss Vincent have been gradually pushing them towards their peak. Now heading towards a summer sprinkled with festival appearances, their fast-paced punk is set to echo across stages throughout the UK.

With a back catalog packed with unending potential and having cited musical influences such as Against Me!, The Gaslight Anthem and AFI, Miss Vincent are surely one to keep an eye on as they make their way towards becoming the next big thing.

Uncommon Stage - Saturday

Check out: The Lovers


Since the release of their second full-length, 'Babes Never Die', Glasgow-based duo Honeyblood have been going from strength to strength. With a winning combination of stellar songwriting and a fuzzy rock edge, the pair have been capturing the hearts of many with their tracks surrounding female empowerment and lost love.

With a beautifully controlled pop edge to their sound, Honeyblood have something to offer for almost everybody, and their tracks will be sure to capture hearts over the weekend.

Uncommon Stage - Saturday

Check out: Sea Hearts

Dream Wife 

Formed through an undeniable bond and a shared loved of David Bowie and Madonna, this London-based trio have found a way to blend the charisma, eccentricity, and femininity of their idols. With their 2018 self-titled album boosting them into the spotlight, things only seem to be looking up for the band in terms of their future endeavors.

Having become incredibly gifted at creating elaborate soundscapes for their audiences to immerse themselves in, Dream Wife will be exhibiting their bold, colourful aura on the Uncommon Stage this weekend.

Uncommon Stage - Sunday

Check out: Hey Heartbreaker

Lily Allen

Having soundtracked the youths of many with tracks of self-love and social commentary, Lily Allen's 2009 hiatus served as the end of an era for a collective of female-positive, pop enthusiasts. With a career that has led to an unplanned position as a role model and inspiration for such a large number of women, the importance of Lily Allen's music remains entirely unparalleled.

Now nine years on and having made a triumphant return to the music world, Allen is set to release her fourth studio album in June, taking on a brand new direction in a journey that is sure to remain just as enchanting. Headlining the Saturday night at Common People, expect to hear a taste of what's to come, scattered with nostalgia to keep us all singing along.

Common Stage - Saturday

Check out: Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)

Common People Festival will take place from 26-27th May on Southampton Common and there's still time to grab a ticket, here.