BAW Podcast #11: Dustin Cole Hayes of Walter Etc.

Words by Daniel Rourke

Welcome to episode 11 of the Burn After Writing Podcast, on today's episode we have Dustin Cole Hayes of Walter Etc.

We were first introduced to Walter Etc. in 2018 when they toured the UK on the back of their debut LP 'Gloom Cruise.' Despite not making a show, we kept an ear out for what came next, and their releases in the lead-up to their second LP 'Dark Comedy Performance Piece Of My Life' truly blew us away.

This conversation touches on many subjects such as Walter Etc.'s progression as a band, writing a break-up album in 2020 and how the personal nature of the record caused panic attacks. We also touch on Stormzy, as well as a bunch of talk about the current COVID-19 situation and it's impact on the American DIY scene.

As well as the conversation with Dustin, we also give a brief review of Turnover's Manchester show form earlier in the week, a discussion on the excellent Riz Ahmed album 'The Long Goodbye', as well as an update on the podcast going forward given world events.


Songs used:
Punk With an Ex - Walter Etc.
Things Are Going Too Good - Walter Etc.