BAW Podcast #21: Downhaul

Photo by Gabe Kelley

Words by Daniel Rourke

Hello and welcome to episode 21 of the Burn After Writing podcast, on today's episode we have Gordon Phillips and Robbie Ludvigsen of Downhaul.

Downhaul are without doubt one of my favourite bands of the past several years. After discovering their 2019 debut via 'Before You Fall Asleep' on a playlist by The Alternative, I instantly fell in love with both their sound and writing.

Following the introducing piece the site ran on the band back in 2019, I thought now would be the perfect time to catch up with them. Throughout the conversation we touch on various aspects of upcoming album 'Proof' as well as older releases, working with Chris Teti and Maxwell Stern, and the impact Proof will have on Gordon's career as a fizzy pop reviewer.

You can pre-order/order of a copy of Proof here.

Songs used:
Standing Water - Downhaul (Proof)
Smak - Downhaul (Where We Started)